Sunday, February 28, 2010

September, 2006

Ivie's first September was, well, let's just call it a month of many faces...

Friday, February 26, 2010


Macie dabbled in our movie collection for a while this afternoon. Which basically means that she grabbed as many DVD cases as she could hold from our shelving unit and scattered them on the couch next to me while I checked email. Then she began perusing and making the difficult choice as to which one she wished to study further in the comfy leather chair.

Here's her progress...

Show-and-Tell, Round 44: Elmo Laptop

Today, Ivie decided to take her Elmo Laptop to school for Show-and-Tell. This is one of those toys that I feel like we've owned since before she was born! In reality, she probably got it for her first birthday? I can't remember.

Anyway, it's interesting, because while we've had this toy for what seems like ever, Ivie's at the age now where she can actually use it for what it's designed. As a learning tool. Confirming her knowledge of letters, identifying objects like "surfboards" to which she hasn't yet been introduced, and continuing to practice her counting and shape recognition. All with a toy that "responds" with Elmo's voice. She loves it. Clearly!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

August, 2006

After our travels in July, we pretty much hung around home in August. Probably because I was just starting back to work after maternity leave, and August is a horrible month in the life of an NCAA compliance officer. Team meetings pretty much every day, along with the general craziness of getting geared up for a new school year.

But I still found time to snap some cute shots of Ivie...

My big head barely fits in this very cute (even reversible!) hat!!!

What exactly IS this thing you hung on here for me to stare at?!?

Mommy sure seems happy that I'm sleeping...

Still sleeping, still in my robe...

Wordless Wednesday (#2): Dorothy Wannabe and "Monkey See..."

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Pictureless Post

This morning, I took the girls to the museum. And I know most of you are probably muttering to yourself, "Surely she's not going to post MORE pictures of that sound room, or the animals, or the butterflies, or the dinosaurs, or the train..."

Well, you're in luck. Because this time, before we left for the museum, I made the very difficult decision to leave my camera at home.

I know. Crazy. Crazy that Amy Herman went on an outing without her camera. Intentionally. And also crazy that I'm so addicted to my camera that I would call this a "very difficult" decision. Deciding where to put your kids in school. Or whether or not to move closer to your family. Or figuring out if you want/need to keep working after having children. THOSE are tough decisions. Choosing to leave your camera at home? Not so much. For most people.

I must admit that part of the reason I made this choice is because I was solo with the girls. Had Dale been here, I probably would have lugged it along. But even still, I made a conscious decision that TODAY at the museum, I was going to spend my entire time just enjoying my girls. Playing, laughing, running, hiding, climbing, digging, dancing, building.

And you know what? We had just the absolute greatest time! While I had the stroller, it ended up carrying only the diaper bag most of the time. Because I let Macie walk everywhere. And I let her go as fast or as slow as she wanted, walking patiently beside her, holding her hand, from station to station. Ivie wanted to be in on the action, too, so she held Macie's other hand.

I didn't once say, "Ivie, smile!", or "Macie, look here!".

We were "just the girls", as Ivie says, out for a morning getaway alone. Ivie cooperated, and listened, and obeyed. She even understood and agreed wholeheartedly when I told her that we weren't going to ride the train today, because it would make Daddy sad that he missed it. And she said, "OK" when I told her that we wouldn't be able to eat lunch at the cafe today, because I had left my money at home. And the few times when I DID need to put Macie in the stroller, she hopped in agreeably. After 2 hours, we left for home. And, on our way, both girls happily munched on an apple and, most importantly, stayed awake so we could eat lunch before nap time.

Now, I'm not sure how much of this had to do with the fact that my camera stayed at home on the dining room table. But I can tell you one thing for certain...

The girls are both down for nap now. One is sleeping, one is "playing quietly until she gets tired". And, because I left my camera at home this morning, I don't have pictures to download, edit, and upload to the blog. So I think I'm going to take a nap, too. Or snuggle up in my blanket and read a book.

Ahhhhhh. Maybe I should do this more often. And maybe I should have saved this post for a Simplify Sunday!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


It only gets more amusing, folks. Guess who was the random "Facebook Fan" winner for Jasmere today?

Subsequent to my posting, where I identified Sarah as my sister, I got an email from Jeremy, a staff member at Jasmere, whom I now consider a great friend, given our many conversations about the craziness of this coincidence (first Marcia, now Sarah). After joking with me about having hacked into their system, he asked just how many sisters and friends I have, and then thanked me for my support of Jasmere. He must have looked in the system to see just how addicted I am, given my ordering history!

Maybe Jasmere should become my one and only blog sponsor?!? Don't you think it'd be a great fit? I would be happy to join their "testing" team for new products... And they, in return, could get a huge banner across the top of my blog page. Sounds like a win/win to me. Think about it, Jeremy...

And by the way, Sarah, while I know that you don't spend as much time online as I do (who does, actually?!?), if you don't claim your free t-shirt by noon tomorrow, I'm going to be disappointed in you. Surely there's one on there that Sam would like! And he's bound to get more wear out of it than I will my Plie Brazilian Shapewear!

Okay, enough about this. I'm off to purchase a lottery ticket.


Ivie recently learned to skip. At school, of course, because Miss Erin is the best teacher E-V-E-R! It's funny, because not long ago I was thinking to myself that skipping was going to be a difficult skill (step, hop, step hop) to teach her. Apparently not...

Anyway, I pulled the Flip out in the walkway at Belk a couple of weeks ago to get it on film. And then promptly forgot that I'd done it until this morning when I was downloading the video of Macie with her spoon. So a little "bonus" video of Ivie for you all today!

Macie with a Broom

Macie was home sick on Monday. But after her 3-hour nap that afternoon, she was feeling good enough to play around in the kitchen while I cleaned up. So she snagged the broom from the corner (a decorative one, not one we actually use) and began sweeping the floor for me. Until she realized that it could become a decent noisemaker if you hit it against the stainless steel trash can hard enough. So then it became a game. And I just happened to have the Flip close, so I got some video of it. She's quite a little ham. Taking after her sister...


Got a little video last night of Macie learning to use her spoon. She so desperately wants to be like her big sister, but she doesn't quite have the coordination to actually scoop the food directly from the bowl. So she does the next best thing...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (#1): Toes

(Thanks for the "Wordless Wednesday" moniker,

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Working Mommy Guilt

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was commenting to Miss Emma, Macie's teacher, that I was SO GLAD that Macie couldn't care less when I dropped her off in her class each morning. It's hard enough taking your children to daycare and leaving for a long day of work away from them. But it's even worse when (like Ivie, for example) your child begs you not to leave and clings to your leg until one of her lovely teachers (thank you, Erin and Kara!) can talk her into letting go by requesting a good morning hug.

So it was nice to only have to deal with that ONCE each morning.

But just like that, it happened. The day I've dreaded.

I thought at first that it might be a fluke. But, sadly, it's not. The last 3 times that I've had morning drop-off duty with the girls, Macie has clung to my leg and cried uncontrollably as Miss Emma and Miss Kisha try to distract her while I turn away and walk out of her room. No longer can I stand at her door and smile and wave at her as she returns the gesture and "shows off" with the toys in her room. No longer can I stand there and say "bye bye, Macie, I love you!" and wait for her "buh bye" to come in return.

Nope. Now I have to hurry out of her sight and listen to her cries of despair as her mommy leaves her. And it just really stinks.

I know that she probably stops crying even before I hit the front door. Just like I know Ivie does. I know that she has wonderful teachers who love her and take the very best care of her. I know that she's not old enough to (and, therefore, doesn't!) resent me for working. I know that she's learning so much at "school" and getting some great practice with socialization skills that will benefit her tremendously as she gets older. I know that her teachers are much more creative than I could ever be. I know the time away from her each day will fly by. I know that we'll have an amazing reunion at the end of each day, wherein she will catch sight of me through the doorway, throw down whatever toy is in her hands, and run, grinning from ear-to-ear, to greet me with a hug that grows more humongous every day. I know that I will continue to see this exact moment as the very best part of my workday.

But none of that knowledge makes it any easier to be a working mommy. Some days I think I'm doing exactly what God wants me to do with my time here on earth. I believe that I'm doing my very best in my "work life" to use His gifts to me in a way that glorifies Him. Other days, when I'm feeling particularly stressed, overworked, under-appreciated, and, above all, missing my babies, I'm not so sure. Sometimes I think there's got to be a happier medium in which I won't ever lose sight of my ultimate goals as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a co-worker, a friend, and, most importantly, a child of God.

But, for now, at this very moment, I just hope this stage of Macie's doesn't last long. Because it breaks my heart.

Monday, February 15, 2010

July, 2006

The month of July was highlighted by Ivie's first flights! To Albuquerque for Emily and Jerheme's wedding, and then on to Salt Lake City to visit Rach, Zack, and their new baby, Luke.

Then, at the end of the month, Ivie made her first trip to my beloved Owensville, Missouri. We took the opportunity to snap several generational pictures that I'll cherish forever.

June, 2006

At this rate, I might have my 4th child before I finish highlighting some of my favorite pictures of Ivie's first couple of years, pre-blog. (Just kidding, Dale. We're in agreement at least in THAT regard!)

Seriously, though, the holidays thwarted my efforts of going back and posting my favorite pictures of Ivie BIBB (Before I Began Blogging). But a "sick day" home with Macie has gotten me back into the swing. (Read: I'm caught up on my email, our house is spotless - thanks, Ruby! - and my sick child has spent the better part of the day, including the past 2.5 hours, sleeping. I've nothing better to do than blog!)

So, on with it, before the sick, clingy, finally-making-use-of-the-Moby-Wrap toddler wakes up...

It didn't take us long to get Ivie in the habit of sporting her favorite athletics' teams gear.

Something about these pictures makes me think of Karate Kid...

And last, but certainly not least, a look at the proud (and, goodness, how young!) cousins...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Show-and-Tell, Round 43: Valentine Bear

Continuing his trend of purchasing the current Hallmark holiday stuffed animal, Dale brought this cute bear home for the girls a couple of weeks ago. But this one has a new twist. It responds, with several different phrases, when you say, "I love you". It's way too adorable to watch Ivie have a "conversation" with him.

I left early for work on Friday morning, so Dale was responsible for getting the Friday morning Show-and-Tell picture. He did even better... He took 3! And all were really cute, so, well, here you go!

Much Love... each of you, from the Herman girls!!!

Our Little Princess


Booger Wooger

Friday, February 12, 2010

Some Old Videos of Ivie...

I'm rearranging my blog a bit, and I'm going to do away with the current video bar (where it links to YouTube). Why? Because I never take the time to upload videos to YouTube anymore, choosing instead to put them here on my blog. So the videos on that bar are limited, old, and Ivie-only. How fair is that to the Mac-ster?

But, because there are several of those videos that I absolutely love, I'm going to add them to this post, and then link them to a differently-formatted video section of my blog home page. Along with, ultimately, more links to the posts within my blogs that have my favorite videos. You know, in case you ever just need a few moments of watching the Herman girls in action.

Confused about how this is going to work? Me, too. It might take some time for me to get my arms around it.

But, while you wait, enjoy some old-school video of Ivie. And trust me. Be ready to crack up if you've never seen this first one. I still laugh myself to tears every time I watch it. She literally almost throws up 3 times during the video from laughing so hard!

Laughing (1.5.2008)

Popping Packing Bubbles (9.5.2008)

Dancing at a 4th of July Party (7.4.2008)

The Cha Cha Slide (thanks for the help with the song name, Chris!)

Chicken Dance

Hokey Pokey

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Name is Amy...

...and I'm addicted to social shopping websites.

If you're not familiar with what I'm talking about, you're SERIOUSLY missing out on some shopping fun. Even if you're just browsing and never buying, it's still so great. Though, if you ask Dale, he would tell you that I need to focus more on the "browsing" and less on the "buying". I tell him that I'm just working on pre-purchasing for various holidays. Like Christmas, obviously. Or birthday gifts for the girls. Or for her little friends' parties to which I'm sure Ivie will be invited this year. I mean, if there's a really cute (and unique!) idea, for about the same price that you would spend at Target for the last-minute birthday (or, worse, Christmas) present, you might as well snag it and stash it away until it's needed, right? Then, you save yourself the stress of having to worry about making yet another frantic trip to Target, only to end up buying the same "Princess-this" or "Cars-that" that the birthday kid receives from another little friend at the same party. Can you tell I've been formulating this explanation in my head for quite some time, in anticipation of Dale someday (SOON!) telling me that he's had ENOUGH ALREADY with the online shopping? (I've got my credit card number committed to memory. It's that bad.)

It started innocently enough. With Jasmere. You all know the story of THAT. Then came Rue La La (to which you have to be invited by a member, so let me know if you're interested), though I'm pretty certain I don't make enough money to ever actually make a purchase on that site (or at least for 80% of the items they feature). But it's nice to look, anyway. They have beautiful jewelry features (which I might not even be qualified to claim, since I wear the same silver hoop earrings every day). Then came One Kings Lane which is a home goods-type site (feel free to use me as your member reference - Then Groupon. And, just today, Kid Steals, Baby Steals, and Scrapbooking Steals.

My friend and neighbor, Brooke, and I have decided we're going to open our own site, similar to these. But unique in certain small, but interesting, ways that we will someday reveal. All we need is a really catchy name. And a website. And a website designer. And some companies willing to let us market and sell their products. And, as Brooke so accurately stated on Instant Messenger today, "a million or so followers" to make it even worth a company's time to talk to us.

Suffice it to say that we've got some work to do before going live with our idea. But every entrepreneur has to start somewhere, right? So let us begin with the need for a catchy name. Any suggestions? Or any other sites that I need to know about to further my addiction? (But please don't bring up Haggle. I checked it out already. It's just way too stressful for me.)

Valentine's Day Treats

How many times on this blog have I said that I'm not very crafty? A quick search of HermanNation brought me to at least 4 such references:

Christmas Snowflakes
Halloween Treats
Mod Podge Thanksgiving Decoration
Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

I realize I'm starting to sound like a broken record. Some of you are probably thinking to yourselves, "Amy, you really need some fresh opening lines." But, now that I think about it, I think I'm justified to start my "crafty" blogs with this admission. Because, really. The fact that I've done only 4 crafty things since my blog's inception in September of 2008? Four projects in 16 months? Triannual (Who knew that meant three times a year? Thank goodness for Google!) craft projects does not a "crafty" person make, by any stretch of anyone's imagination! So you will most likely have to bear with me as I continue to use this moniker to describe, well, the antithesis of me.

So, now that I've gotten that out of the way, I'm excited to share with you my latest project. Valentine's Day treats! Because, thanks to the overwhelming (at least in Ivie's and my minds) success of the marshmallow mummies, Nutter Butter ghosts, and Thanksgiving turkeys, I now feel pressured to take fun snacks to Ivie's class at school for holidays.

I searched around on various blogs to try to find something worthy of making (Read: EASY). And I stumbled across candy-coated pretzels. Somewhere. I'd give you the link, but you can probably find them anywhere if you search for "Valentine's candy-coated pretzels". And since it's not really a tough project, I don't feel too guilty for not remembering to save the paper on which I have the blog's name so that I could give them credit.

So all you really need are pretzels and candy melts. And a microwave, of course. And don't forget the wax paper. (Although normal people generally have this in their pantry as a "staple". I, however, did not. We must have just been "out". Wink, wink.)

So here are the supplies (minus the wax paper, which was originally in the picture but got cropped out):

And, 2 hours later (mostly because I was distracted at times by the UNC vs. Duke men's basketball game), here are the yummy results!

A few comments about these. I'm pretty proud of the icing swirl decoration. Can you tell? I intended to do it only on a few of them, but got carried away with excitement when I finally discovered the "art" of doing it successfully. And I ended up swirling all of them! Oh, and in case you're wondering about the "art"? That's a fancy way of saying, "Get-some-candy-melt-on-the-end-of-the-tablespoon-and shake-it-wildly-over-the-pretzels." And, wha-laaaa! As my co-worker so elegantly put it this morning when I was bragging over the pictures, "it actually looks like you knew what you were doing!". Thanks, Lance.

By the way, rest assured that I only took the time to do the little white heart on ONE pretzel (the one pictured). It took way too long. And the frantically-shaking-the-spoon method of decorating was a lot more fun. Until clean-up time, at least.

OK, so enough about the pretzels. Moving on.

Since I didn't make enough pretzels to put any more than 3 in each of the kids' take-home Valentine's Day goodie bags (because I had to make a separate batch for them to actually eat at snack time tomorrow), I needed something else. So I used an idea I found at Schlosser Designs. What a cute way to make ordinary candy into something "love"ly, huh? Too bad the template for the labels didn't line up, even after trying her "tip" at the bottom for when that exact thing happens. But, thankfully, I was able to use the "Snipping Tool" on my computer to get the images and make them work in the Avery template. Whew. I would have been frustrated to have purchased that $9 box of 30 SHEETS of labels for no reason. Really? What in the world am I going to do with 30 sheets of these things?

Probably make candy covers for every single holiday this year. That's what. So be ready for the blogs.

But I digress. Here is the end result of the wrapped candies and the completed goodie bags. Aren't they adorable?

So another holiday of treat-making has come and gone. Though I do have some pretzels and candy melt left over, so I might make a few more this weekend. Because I only had about 5 or 6 left over after packing the treat bags last night. And that's not enough for me to enjoy, particularly since the girls had a few of them this morning. After their fruit cups. For dessert. Really.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Me! Monday (#4): Pop-Tarts

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! For those of you that read MckMama, you've heard of this. For those of you that don't, feel free to check out her blog to get the background on how this started as a way to tell about some of the funny things that you generally would refuse to admit to doing.

Fourth Installment...

I love Pop-Tarts for breakfast. Not even on Not Me! Monday can I deny it. My favorite kind? Frosted Chocolate Vanilla Creme. Sadly, the only place I can find them is at Food Lion (even though Dale requests them on the silly Target surveys EVERY TIME we get one!). But, even more sadly, since this is the only item that I need to purchase at Food Lion, I don't take the time to go. Which means I just don't ever get this flavor of Pop-Tart. Tragic, I know.

(Side note. After finishing this post, I did a little research on the lack of presence of Frosted Chocolate Vanilla Creme in our local stores and found this. Shows you how long it's been since I made the trip to Food Lion, I guess. And I guess I should tell Dale to stop requesting them on the Target surveys, since he's just showing his ignorance (sorry, Sweetie!) and the survey readers probably wish there was a way to respond and say, "Enough already, joker! Kellogg's doesn't MAKE them any more! Leave us alone!" without losing their jobs for not being customer-friendly.)

So I've learned to be satisfied with my second favorite flavor. Frosted Cookies & Creme (complete with a new-and-improved package "look", I noticed yesterday).

I have a Pop-Tart for breakfast probably 4 of the 7 days each week. You know, when I'm not having Lucky Charms, or Cocoa Puffs, or Fruit Loops, or, on extremely rare occasions when I'm feeling like eating a bit healthier, yogurt and turkey bacon.

So it is not me, a grown woman, that, on most trips to Harris Teeter (our grocery store out here), puts 3-4 boxes of Pop-Tarts in the cart. And, when people (usually those who are still in their exercise gear after leaving the gym that is right next to the grocery store) see me do this and look at me funny, it is not me that gives them the "I swear this is the only even remotely unhealthy thing I let my children eat" nod, while frantically trying to use the 5 bananas and 6 cartons of yogurt in the cart to cover up the chips, cookies, boxed macaroni, and processed-and-way-too-heavily-sodiumized Progresso chicken noodle soup. And what bums me out the absolute most about this is that I really think I would be successful with this facade if my kids didn't blow my cover by choosing this very moment to exclaim, quite loudly, that they want to go to the bakery section of the store and get the "One Free Cookie" that is permitted each individual who shops there. And we want the "good" ones, Mommy, not the healthier, low-fat option.


Oh, yes. About my two kids (and how they relate to this post). Have I mentioned yet that they love Pop-Tarts, too? Mostly Ivie. I can still convince Macie to have the MUCH HEALTHIER Eggo frozen mini-pancakes (or the waffles, before the national shortage) most mornings after her fruit cup. (At least I make them both start with a fruit cup, right?!?) But not Ivie. This is yet another way that she appears to be just like her mommy. She even likes my "brown" ones the best, too! (Which usually means we have to brush her teeth twice to get all the chocolate out.)

This story might (might?) end up being longer than it should. You can blame the stinkin' background info that I have to provide in an effort to make the end result even remotely funny and worth your time.

So sometimes when we grocery shop at Target, instead of Harris Teeter, I have to settle for a different flavor of Pop-Tart (because most of the time they don't carry EITHER of my top two choices). Not long ago when this happened, I made the mistake of deciding to give Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough a try. I mean, how could that be bad? I love cookie dough!

Well, wrong choice. I'm not a fan.

But now I'm stuck with them in my pantry. Along with a box of Strawberry that I can certainly stomach if necessary, even though they're not my favorite.

So right now, I have 3 total boxes on the shelf, listed here in order of my preferences: Cookies & Creme, Strawberry, and Cookie Dough. I believe Ivie would wholeheartedly agree with this order of ranking.

Therefore, KNOWING that my lovely daughter much prefers the Cookies & Creme Pop-Tarts to the others, it is certainly not me that tries, each morning, to convince her to eat one of the other two flavors so we can rid our pantry of them without having to eat them myself. And, finding myself to be unsuccessful day-after-day in this quest, there is no way that I would stoop so low as to hide the Cookies & Creme from her line of sight when she opens the pantry and tell her that we are "out" of them...

...knowing full well that if I were to separate the boxes only slightly, she would see the box of "brown" ones in the back and request one.

And then I'd have to give her one. And then I'd be the one stuck eating the yucky cookie dough kind to GET THEM OUT OF MY PANTRY.

Nope. Not me.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Until She's Counting Sheep...

I think Dale and I have done a decent job with the sleep training aspect of raising kids. While I'm the first to admit that I'm a pretty big softy when it comes to giving in to my kids' requests (just ask Dale - it infuriates him to have to be the disciplinarian and suffer the consequences of not being the "favorite" parent), I must say that when it comes to letting the girls "cry it out" at bedtime, I'm as good as any. I really can just tune it out, knowing that it's in their best interest to learn to fall asleep on their own, or soothe themselves back to sleep, depending on the situation. Sometimes, these days, I even catch myself worrying about our apparent "coldness" when Macie's having a particularly tough time and we ignore it.

As a result (I like to think, at least!), Macie's a great put-herself-to-sleep'er. (Except at 5a, when we've resorted to giving her a paci to get us through to 7a. Don't ask. I'm not proud of it.)

But, tonight, she was struggling. We've officially made the transition from having a baby to having a toddler. The times of her snuggling with her milk bottle in my lap until she's nearly falling asleep are gone. Replaced by her walking around her room, sippy cup of water in hand, looking for all the books she can find to hand to me to read. You know, to procrastinate bedtime.

So after turning off her light and putting her in her crib, I looked down to see her little face turned up to me, lips puckered. Her way of asking me to lean over and kiss her goodnight. I obliged, certainly. So she kept doing it. 4 or 5 more times. One of the cutest things I've ever seen her do.

Anyway, she started crying when I walked out of her room. Not atypical. Knowing that it usually only lasts for a few minutes, I went ahead and took a shower. But when I turned off the water, I heard her still crying. Very odd.

After talking to Dale and finding out that he had already been in her room for several minutes trying to calm her, I took a shot. Because it wasn't her "I'm just winding down and need to make some noise" cry. It was more of an "I'm upset", or "I don't feel good", or "I really feel lonely right now" cry.

I tried all the tricks, although I must be honest that I don't have as many "tricks" down for Mac as I did for Ivie, since Macie has never really needed soothing. Rubbing her back, picking her up and snuggling her, singing softly in her ear.

Finally, she seemed to settle in on her belly, head nestled up against her Teddy, and she grabbed my hand. Now, I'm a real sucker for a sweet hand-holding session with my babies. So I decided I would hang out for the long haul tonight...

It didn't take long. She started fading quickly.

You know, I'm not really sure what the purpose of this post is. I've had a couple of those lately, haven't I?!?

Maybe it was just to say that I'm pretty sure there's nothing sweeter in the world than watching your baby fall asleep. Watching her eyes flutter open and shut, quickly at first, then slowing, until finally being overcome by peaceful slumber.

Yep, that was the reason I wrote this. So I never forget that feeling.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Marbles Kids Museum

Today, the girls and I tagged along with the Dever family to Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh. Can I just ask WHY IN THE WORLD HAVEN'T WE BEEN HERE BEFORE?!?

What a wonderful place! We played, and played, and played, and I still don't think we made it to every exhibit. It didn't take me long to bump Marbles into slot numero uno for Ivie's 4th birthday party coming up in April!!!

As is typical on days when I take 170 pictures and Brooke takes 244, the snapshots tell the story much better than I ever could in words. So I'll leave the tough work to them. But I'm certain you'll adore the various exhibits through the "eyes" of our camera lenses.


Under the Sea (with Nemo's Friends)


Pizza, Anyone?

The Submarine

Random Ivie Shots

Random Macie Shots

Favorites of the Day

Tuckered Out (she slept for 3.5 hours!)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Tooth #14 (and, yes, MORE Popsicles!)

Another tooth yesterday. Upper left cuspid.

And since the only pictures I've taken but not blogged about since the LAST tooth post were more shots of the girls with popsicles, well, I guess you can take it or leave it!

Ivie's Random Thoughts (#9)

Visiting Wilbur?

Last night, with Dale out of town for work, Ivie was in a particularly clingy mood, claiming that her tummy was "stinky". It took me forever to get out of her room at bedtime. One of her stall tactics was to tell me she wanted to sleep in my bed (which she's never done, so I don't know why she even thinks it's an option). So I explained to her that it was time for me to go to sleep in MY bed, just like I did every night. And she needed to go to sleep in HER bed.

She asked where Daddy would be sleeping. I told her that he was in a hotel in Charlotte. To which she responded:

"Charlotte? Is he gonna see the pig?"


This morning before school, I opened Ivie's car door and asked her to climb into her car seat while I got Macie buckled in on the other side. Feeling particularly helpful (for some odd reason), Ivie obliged. After I got Mac strapped in, I climbed into the driver's seat and started to turn on the car. At which point Ivie reminded me that I hadn't buckled her in.

I laughed, told her she was right, and proceeded to have the following conversation with her while I buckled her seatbelt.

Me: That was silly of Mommy. Thanks for reminding me, Ivie! We've got to get you strapped in so that you're very safe when we're driving, right?

Ivie: Yes, Mommy, we don't want the policeman to get me!!!

Me: Yes, the policemen want you to wear your seatbelt so that you're safe!

Ivie: I don't want the policeman to get me and throw me in the GARBAGE!

I'm only slightly concerned about her weird fear of garbage cans...

Show-and-Tell, Round 42: Mickey and Friends

While at Disney, we got several sets of plastic character toys. The plan in the store was for them to be Macie's gifts. But, as you can imagine, it's turned out that Ivie has just as much fun with them as Mac! So the set of Mickey and his friends went to school for Show-and-Tell today. Aren't they adorable? After watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse before school this morning, Ivie expressed her disappointment that the 5-character set didn't include either Pete or Daisy Duck. I told her I would look to see if I could buy them somewhere. Because, you know, I agree that these are really cute toys. And I love sitting back and listening to Ivie's pretend play with them. The conversations they have are hysterical!

Upon a little investigation, I have discovered that the set that you can buy on actually DOES include Daisy Duck! Oooooooh, is Ivie going to be upset to hear this! How can they sell a different set AT DISNEY WORLD than they sell in the store online? (Not to mention that you can buy 2 sets online for the price of 1 at the parks, but none of us are surprised by this, are we?!?).

Anyway, off to do more searching for individuals characters. Might be a difficult find?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Addressing Valentines

Tonight, while the girls were playing downstairs before bed, I took advantage of the spare moments to address Valentine's Day cards for their classmates. Ivie wandered over, curious, so I explained to her what I was doing. She promptly informed me that SHE wanted to write her friends' names on the cards.

Since I was almost finished with her class, I told her that after I finished writing their names, she could follow behind me and do the same. Thankfully, she deemed this a satisfactory plan.

Here are some shots of her handiwork. She didn't do too badly, considering I used lower case letters (which she's not great with yet). Also, not knowing beforehand that my letters would be used as models for her, I used my very best "curvy girly" handwriting, which Ivie had a hard time copying (see the "a" in Samuel as an example of how she tried to put a little tail on the end of the letters!).

On My Mind....

I've got something on my mind these days. At times, it weighs heavily (like last night when I was trying to go to sleep). Sometimes it goes away for a day, a week, maybe even a couple of weeks. Then something happens and it's back. It's mostly related to work, but kind of just about life in general. And the quality thereof.

So, in my head, I'm drafting a document. Because that's how I organize my thoughts. Which is not surprising, since it's what I do in my work life. At the office, everything I do centers around documents, emails, letters, or memos that I have to draft. Sometimes I grow quite weary of drafting. Even though said drafting results in me having pretty amazingly quick (if I do say so myself) typing skills, I still grow weary of it.

For those of you that work with me and read my blog, it's probably best not to bother to ask me what this document is that I'm drafting. Sorry, but I won't be sharing it with you. For those of you that live with me and are old enough to read my blog, I intend share it with you when it's finished and before it is delivered to its intended recipient (who is not you, so you can take a deep breath!). But it's probably best for you to not ask about it, either. For the rest of you, my family and friends, you'll never have a need to know what any of this is about, so feel free to stop reading this at any point! But I assure you that it's nothing to worry about. In fact, as I write this, I'm not really sure why I'm doing so. This post really doesn't serve a purpose. Maybe this is one of those times when I have something burning inside that I need to blab about for a few minutes. And this is my outlet to do just that.

Maybe instead of typing this I should actually start putting my jumbled and unorganized thoughts into written words. So that I can maybe get this topic OFF MY MIND.

To reward those of you that kept reading this seemingly pointless post, here's a cute picture for you, taken just before my parents left to fly back to Missouri on Monday.