Thursday, February 4, 2010

On My Mind....

I've got something on my mind these days. At times, it weighs heavily (like last night when I was trying to go to sleep). Sometimes it goes away for a day, a week, maybe even a couple of weeks. Then something happens and it's back. It's mostly related to work, but kind of just about life in general. And the quality thereof.

So, in my head, I'm drafting a document. Because that's how I organize my thoughts. Which is not surprising, since it's what I do in my work life. At the office, everything I do centers around documents, emails, letters, or memos that I have to draft. Sometimes I grow quite weary of drafting. Even though said drafting results in me having pretty amazingly quick (if I do say so myself) typing skills, I still grow weary of it.

For those of you that work with me and read my blog, it's probably best not to bother to ask me what this document is that I'm drafting. Sorry, but I won't be sharing it with you. For those of you that live with me and are old enough to read my blog, I intend share it with you when it's finished and before it is delivered to its intended recipient (who is not you, so you can take a deep breath!). But it's probably best for you to not ask about it, either. For the rest of you, my family and friends, you'll never have a need to know what any of this is about, so feel free to stop reading this at any point! But I assure you that it's nothing to worry about. In fact, as I write this, I'm not really sure why I'm doing so. This post really doesn't serve a purpose. Maybe this is one of those times when I have something burning inside that I need to blab about for a few minutes. And this is my outlet to do just that.

Maybe instead of typing this I should actually start putting my jumbled and unorganized thoughts into written words. So that I can maybe get this topic OFF MY MIND.

To reward those of you that kept reading this seemingly pointless post, here's a cute picture for you, taken just before my parents left to fly back to Missouri on Monday.


Chrissy said...

Such a sweet picture! Your oldest looks a lot like you I think! :o)

Mark Nguyen said...

Congratulations. I don't you could have been any more cryptic. Though I think we should've been rewarded with TWO pictures for that blog post.