Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me! Monday (#3): Jasmere Shapewear

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! For those of you that read MckMama, you've heard of this. For those of you that don't, feel free to check out her blog to get the background on how this started as a way to tell about some of the funny things that you generally would refuse to admit to doing.

Third Installment...

It was not me who spent at least 15 minutes (we'll call it the first part of my lunch break) walking around the 2nd floor of our office building telling my 4 fellow compliance officers the following story:

I'm pretty sure most of you are not familiar with I wasn't either, until a couple of months ago. And I'm not even sure who brought it to my attention.

Anyway, jasmere is an online shopping website that "seeks out lesser-known specialty retailers that deserve national attention" and offers buyers wonderful deals on said retailers' products. In exchange, obviously, the retailers get a national audience that they wouldn't have gotten otherwise. So they're happily willing to participate with jasmere in one day of huge sales with the hope of becoming more widely-known. The idea is that the more people that buy the day's (each day there is a new one) feature product at an already-crazy-low price, the more the price drops. So that ultimately, at the end of the 24-hour feature, everyone who purchased the item pays the price to which the feature dropped during its time as a feature item.

I've made a few purchases on jasmere since my discovery of how fun it is. One of them is a little surprise for my mom (so I can't give details), and the other is a semi-surprise that my sister, Sarah, sister-in-law, Bobbie, and soon-to-be-sister-in-law, Carla, will be receiving as soon as I can get to the post office to mail them (or until I procrastinate long enough to just send them home with my mom and dad this weekend!). At the moment, said sisters are probably a little befuddled as to why in the world I asked them to pick out their favorite bags on and then never brought it up again. After reading this post, I guess they will no longer be confused.

But back to jasmere. This weekend, I was on their site perusing the weekend feature item. Though I wasn't interested in purchasing it, I did see a button on their home page that advertised a way to "get the feature item for free!". Always eager to get something for free, I clicked on the button and found that, beginning this weekend and every day thereafter, jasmere was going to do random drawings amongst their "fans" on Facebook. So all you had to do was "Become a Fan", and you would be entered into their daily drawings. Sounds like a no-brainer to me! Once I got to their site, I saw that they only had 441 fans. That's not bad odds to maybe someday win a prize, I thought to myself, promptly returned to my weekend blogging and forgetting about jasmere.

Until today at 12:21p. When I received an email from Facebook notifying me that, you guessed it, I was the random drawing winner for jasmere today! Eager to see what I'd won, I headed immediately to the site. To see this:

And here's what jasmere's Facebook status reported:

Now, for those of you that know me well, you're probably just now getting back up into your chair after having fallen out from laughing so hard. I will be the first to admit (and Dale will be the first to second the fact) that I hardly EVER wear clothes that would warrant the donning of this type of undergarment. I mean, I didn't even know what "spanx" were until a couple months ago at a "girls' night" party when it came up and, seeing the blank look on my face, my friends educated me.

Nonetheless, I am fired up about the "shapewear" that will be arriving in my mailbox in the near future. Maybe I'll have to buy some tight-fitting clothes so I can justify wearing it!

To summarize, it was also not me who just spent 30 minutes writing this post. We'll call it the "rest" of my lunch break.

Back to prepping Football National Letters of Intent. And eating some Starburst.


Dawn said...

lol! I didn't know what spanx were either. When I found out I had to get a pair and I've never worn them but I'm ready if I ever have an occasion to change out of my yoga pants!


Marcia said...

I am ROFLMBO, but not at the idea of you being a winner or the fact that you won shapewear. Its the idea of you going out to purchase tight clothing that has me sitting here with tears rolling down my cheek while my co-workers try to figure out whether to offer me assistance or just let me be! The idea of you trying to shop for tight fitting clothing is enough to get me going, but the idea of you saying "excuse me, I got this GREAT shapewear free so now I need an outfit to go with it" that has me rolling!