Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving in Hickory

Ivie adores her older cousins, Luke and Rod (they're 11 and 8). A few days before we headed to Hickory for Thanksgiving, we broke the exciting news to her that she was going to get to see them. It was all she could think/talk about, getting to see her "cuzins".

The first day in Hickory (Thursday) was difficult, because Luke and Rod actually weren't arriving until Friday. We got Ivie through nap and bedtime by telling her that she only had 2 more (and then 1 more) sleeps until they would arrive.

And when they did, boy did she make the most of it! Thankfully (appropriate for the holiday), the weather was really nice all weekend, so we were able to get outside and roam Grandma's land a bit. Grandma was happy about this, too, as it meant that her treasured (and highly breakable) elephant collection was safe from the dangerous grasp of one Macie Herman.

While we're on the subject of Luke and Rod, let me just say that Dale and I couldn't ask for two boys more willing to "hang out" with their sometimes-high-maintenance 3 1/2 year-old cousin. Seriously, do you really think they enjoyed spending 30 minutes playing hide-and-seek before bed? Or going back to Ivie's room countless times to play with the toy soldiers and "Buster" the robot? Or pretending to have Ivie tuck them into bed for the nap that they gave up many years ago (just so that she would go down more easily for hers)? So thanks, boys, for everything you did (and continue to do) to make your cousin's day. She had so much fun. And she can't wait to play with you again at the beach after Christmas!

Here are some pictures that capture the fun of the weekend. And a video of Ivie's newly-discovered-and-now-favorite outdoor activity at Grandma's house (compliments of Luke).

In the House

MACIE Outside

IVIE Outside

My Girls (and their beloved cousins)

On the Trike...

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