Monday, November 10, 2008

Tar Heel Town Videos

Three videos for you today.

This first video is going to show up on 2 blogs - mine, and the Dever's (our neighbors whose daughter, Emerson, is also featured). Many thanks to Brooke for catching this on her camera... My Flip Video was, of course, safely tucked away in the diaper bag, which was in the stroller, under the car seat in which Macie was sleeping. Pretty sure I wasn't getting to it before the song was over!

Ivie loves to dance. But it's been a while since she has. And, as you'll see, the quality of her dancing has gone a bit, well, downhill. Or maybe it's improved. I guess it depends on whom you ask. All I know is that this will be great blackmail material someday...

This second video is of Ivie throwing the football. She's a righty, for sure, and we've got some work to do on her accuracy. But she had a blast - went through the line 3 times so she could throw again!

Finally, so that Macie doesn't feel left out, here's a video of her at Tar Heel Town, too... She's not doing much, I couldn't even get a good smile out of her, but this is proof that she was there!

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