Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (#10): Cake and Candles

(Who says you can't have 2 "Wordless Wednesday" posts on the same day?!?)

(Video included only to show how extremely difficult it was for Ivie to blow out these four, no-trickery-involved candles, not so that the world can hear my awful, I-know-I'm-a-horrible-singer-but-my-4-year-old-doesn't-care-so-neither-do-I, rendition of "Happy Birthday". Given the performance you're about to witness, I doubt that any of you will be surprised to learn that she can't blow her nose yet. And, yes, before you bring it up, I believe that if words are italicized and placed in parentheses, then they're not really "words" and can be included in "Wordless Wednesday" posts. Besides. My blog, my rules.)

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