Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Treats

I don't cook. Or bake. Or do much of anything creative in the kitchen. And I work full-time, so one of my least favorite times of the day is at 5p when I'm picking the girls up from school and trying to decide what we're going to do for dinner. And this happens at least 2, usually 3 times a week (because Tuesday and Friday nights we have a set menu of Moe's/Chick-fil-A and Alfredo's Pizza, respectively).

So I'm not really sure what got into me when I decided to make some Halloween treats for Ivie's classroom's "Fall Festival" party at school. I'm usually all about going to the store and picking up Cheetos, cookies, drinks, or whatever else the teacher says they need.

I guess it was the adorable snacks that I saw on one of the "crafty" blogs that I check out every once in a while. And it might also have been the apparent ease and simple ingredients of the two projects I chose. And, last but not least, I think the success of the pumpkin carving still had me flying high.

So here are the Nutter Butter "Ghosts" and the Marshmallow/Fruit Roll-Up "Mummies" that I "threw together". (I've always wanted to say that, even though it's totally not true in this case.)

The ghosts weren't that bad, though I had to re-melt the candy coating once because it was taking me so long to dip and place the cookies that the coating hardened to a non-dippable (I think I just made up a word) state. But you won't believe how difficult it is to get giant marshmallows to stay together using a sliced fruit roll-up! It's a good thing we played the Thursday night football game tonight - I wouldn't have been able to stay awake otherwise! (Go Heels! BIIIIG WIN!!!)

For one day, Ivie, you get to have the "cool" mommy that brings the (kind of) homemade snacks for your party. Enjoy it. It might never happen again!


Jill said...

Very impressive! Most places now make you take store bought food, so good for you.

Rachel said...

Woohoo, Amy!!! So proud of you and impressed! Love the pumpkins too!

Anonymous said...

Wow Amy, you are that crafty mom!