Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Movie Mania (#1): Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

A concerned reader asked me if I could spend this bum-wrist time uploading videos instead of typing long blog entries. Well, okay!

Since Chrissy doesn't do My Movie Monday any more, I'll start my own Monday movie line. We'll call it Monday Movie Mania!

We decorated for Christmas yesterday (sans actually putting lights and ornaments on the tree, which will be tonight). I love when the girls wake up from nap to see the house transformed! They walk around pointing out everything that's different...

Ivie found our Rudolph nose, so she wanted to put it on and sing for you all. So here it is.

Please pardon the many interruptions from Macie. The video is only 1 minute and 23 seconds long. I don't think a kid could have been MORE disruptive during that amount of time than Macie is here... It cracks me up when Ivie finally grows weary of the screaming-in-her-face and grabs her to shake some sense into her. I don't condone hitting/grabbing, of course, but I can't say I blame her in this case!



Stacy W. said...

oh the videos are a nice touch...thanks concerned reader!

Mark Nguyen said...

Great idea concerned reader! :-) Also, I noticed someone has an inordinately larger stocking than everyone else. I guess someone must have been really good for Santa this year. And, judging from this video, my guess is it wasn't Macie. :-/

Mark Nguyen said...

I also think Theatrical Tuesdays (and Thursdays), Film Fridays, and Saturday Matinées wouldn't be a terrible idea either. You know, anything to help the wrist mend. :-)

Alison said...

Great Video--Funny!