Friday, February 5, 2010

Show-and-Tell, Round 42: Mickey and Friends

While at Disney, we got several sets of plastic character toys. The plan in the store was for them to be Macie's gifts. But, as you can imagine, it's turned out that Ivie has just as much fun with them as Mac! So the set of Mickey and his friends went to school for Show-and-Tell today. Aren't they adorable? After watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse before school this morning, Ivie expressed her disappointment that the 5-character set didn't include either Pete or Daisy Duck. I told her I would look to see if I could buy them somewhere. Because, you know, I agree that these are really cute toys. And I love sitting back and listening to Ivie's pretend play with them. The conversations they have are hysterical!

Upon a little investigation, I have discovered that the set that you can buy on actually DOES include Daisy Duck! Oooooooh, is Ivie going to be upset to hear this! How can they sell a different set AT DISNEY WORLD than they sell in the store online? (Not to mention that you can buy 2 sets online for the price of 1 at the parks, but none of us are surprised by this, are we?!?).

Anyway, off to do more searching for individuals characters. Might be a difficult find?

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