Thursday, April 29, 2010


As you know, the girls love to dress up. And, occasionally, they love to dance. I remember Ivie used to dance all the time. But, as she's gotten older, it's dropped off a bit. Maybe because she's starting to get a little self-conscious about it? Who knows. But she still loves to dance with her sister. Last night, I asked them if they wanted me to record them dancing so they could watch it on my computer. Ivie was "all in", since she gets a huge kick out of watching herself on video. Macie was happy to join her.

You might see the camera shaking a couple of times. It's because I was laughing so hard watching them! Especially Macie. The "shoulder shake" and "tip-toe'ey stutter feet" just cracked me up. And Ivie singing. I didn't understand many of her words, and certainly couldn't make out an actual song - I think she was making it up as she went along.

And while I'm talking about the parts that made me laugh, how about toward the end when Ivie sits down to help Macie with her shoes and calls her "honey"? Or at the VERY end where she gets visibly sad that Macie might be bagging the dancing altogether?

After I filmed the dancing, they both climbed into my lap and I plugged the Flip into my computer. Ivie just laughed, and laughed, and laughed. Her favorite part was when she was singing and she put her face really close to the camera. She made me show her that part about 5 times before I told her we had to stop and go upstairs for bathtime.

These are going to be some great blackmail videos someday...


Marcia said...

Ok, um ,er...well, I totally heard 4 year old Amy when Ivie says "Macie, COME ON!"


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

So funny! She is an oldest child to the tee (I'm one too so I can talk)

Mark Nguyen said...

Macie has graduated from the head bop (Halloween) to the shoulder shake, huh? Very cute.

Trish said...

Love it....."Macie, come on!"