Friday, November 4, 2011


On Halloween morning, Ivie's class put on its first "event" of sorts for the parents, called the Harvest Hoedown. Ivie appeared a bit self-conscious as the group entered the room...

...but that didn't last long. The kids started off with some basic square dancing, where they partnered up and impressed us with their skills, including the "do-si-do" and the "sashay".

We then got to the "parent involvement" part of the show, which Ivie thought was pretty amusing.

And I must admit to having a good time. See? Obvious, right?

After a few posed pictures...

...we went back to the classroom for snack time. And Dale didn't miss the opportunity to put the Tar Heels cowboy hat on Miss Willis, Ivie's teacher's assistant who is a Dook fan. As suspected, she didn't approve.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, some square dancing video. First up, Ivie's class, just the kids. And second, the moment you've all been waiting for that I'll likely never live down, the parents (me, in our case, since Dale had the Flip) joining in! I swear I was much "cooler" in-person than I appear on film...

Ivie's Class

Ivie and Mommy

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