Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trampoline Footage

The girls wanted to get some video tonight of them jumping on the trampoline. So that they could then, as Ivie told me, "watch it on your computer". So I got out the Flip and started recording, and the girls took turns jumping. I apologize that they're only in their underwear. We had pasta for dinner. 'Nuff said.

For those of you that have been blog followers for a while, you know that when I start recording, I generally like to introduce the videos, specifically to get the date "on record" for future viewings. This time though, in hindsight, I should have just let it ride. I've clearly got pregnancy brain settling in in full force, since I incorrectly identify the trampoline as a treadmill. Trust me, you all, I know what a treadmill is. There's one in my bonus room. That I haven't used but a handful of times during this pregnancy. But no need to discuss the fact that my exercise levels have decreased exponentially as I've made my way through three pregnancies. It's not something I beat myself up about, or even let cross my mind very often. Clearly.

Where was I?!?

Oh, yes, this TRAMPOLINE video. I didn't notice that I had used the word "treadmill" until Ivie and I were watching it on the computer afterward, and she said, "Mommy? Why did you call the trampoline a treadmill?!?" I questioned her, but, of course, when we went back and watched it again, she was right.

Anyway, enough lead-in. Here's the video. Ivie's favorite part is when she SCREAMS, and her second favorite part is Macie's initial reaction when I ask her to sing us a song.

My favorite part is when I call the trampoline a treadmill. On camera. In a place where I can't really crop it out. Making myself look like an idiot. For the whole world (or at least my 23 followers) to see. But I'm over it now. Clearly.

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