Saturday, November 29, 2014

October, 2014 in Pictures

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Facebook: September, 2014

September 1 at 8:00p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
The difference between my board-games-and-laundry day and Dale's 8-mile-walk-and-grass-mowing day. ‪#‎iloseagain‬

September 4 at 8:44a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
The first, but likely not last, Chutes and Ladders game of Papa and Nina's visit. (Bryce won.)

September 4 at 2:24p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Macie has been out of school with a fever all week. Today, her sweet teacher and classmates made her smile. ‪#‎weloveTrinity‬

September 4 at 10:24p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Bedtime stories with Nina.

September 8 at 8:22p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
If you're a sometimes-stressed-out mom looking for a cute family movie that ISN'T ANIMATED, check out Moms' Night Out. Lots of laughs, a sweet message about just being yourself (and "good enough"), and a sure-to-break-out family dance party at the end! ‪#‎MondaynightRedboxfun‬

September 9 at 7:03p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Look what Daddy brought me from Barcelona!!!

September 10 at 7:13a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Because everyone should have cake for breakfast on their birthday.

September 10 at 8:35a

Dale Herman
My now 6 year old daughter brings so much joy to her parents, siblings, and friends! She has an infectious smile, a huge heart, and is such a caring sister to Ivie and Bryce! Today is your day, sweetie! Happy Birthday, Macie! We love you so much! Although you can slow down this growing up thing if you want.

September 12 at 8:04a

Dale Herman
Happy Birthday to my best friend, wife, and loving mother to our three kids! I can't imagine having a more perfect person to live all three of those roles with us. We love you!!!

September 12 at 9:25a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
I think I am going to have to accidentally forget to enter my dining choices into my FitBit today... ‪#‎RiseDonutsintheoffice‬ ‪#‎caloriesdontcountonyourbirthday‬

September 13 at 6:10p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Celebrating Macie's 6th birthday at Build-A-Bear!

September 14 at 8:52a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Sweet flashbacks like this make me miss (but not necessarily crave) the baby days. ‪#‎threeyears‬

September 20 at 7:42a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
13,221 by 7:40a. Bring it, Day. ‪#‎fitbit‬ ‪#‎8miles‬

September 21 at 5:42p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Bryce, walking through our newly-aerated yard: "There's poop EVERYWHERE!"
September 25 at 12:34p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Home sick, day 3. At least I have fun lunch reading materials! ‪#‎Dominosleftovers‬ ‪#‎finallymadeourLondonandParisbook‬

September 27 at 7:50a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Something about Bryce running back and forth between the girls' rooms exclaiming, "It's Mommy Day!" makes me hope that today is the day my cough will just give up and move on...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hill Ridge Farms (2014)

Another year, another Hill Ridge Farms fall adventure with the Devers.  Before working on this post, I spent some time looking at previous years' posts.  What great memories to see the kids growing up and changing from year to year.  Our family (or at least Dale and I) really cherishes these wonderfully fun days that we get to spend together as a family.

At this point, there is no reason to include words in these posts.  The attractions at Hill Ridge don't change much from year to year.  Nor do the sweet kids' smiles.  But I look forward to enjoying these pictures for years to come!