Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Macie's Halloween Dance

Not sure if I've mentioned it before, but Dale's a sucker for the singing toys that Hallmark sells every holiday season. Because of this addiction, we have 2 for Halloween. I must admit, though, that the girls get a BIG kick out of them. I remember Ivie used to dance to them, and now Macie's joined in the act. Here's a video of Macie on Sunday. You'll also see her several times putting her finger(s) in the mouths of the singing tree and toads. That's a little trick she learned from her sister - it feels funny on your fingers when they open and close their mouths while singing!

Also, as you watch the video, please know that we DO generally have pants on our daughters. This video was shot after dinner and the last diaper change of Macie's day, and apparently after Ivie had gone to the bathroom and decided she didn't want to put her pants back on. So we were about to head upstairs for bath. I promise...

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Trish said...

Very similar to Carson's dance moves. Cute!