Friday, February 5, 2010

Ivie's Random Thoughts (#9)

Visiting Wilbur?

Last night, with Dale out of town for work, Ivie was in a particularly clingy mood, claiming that her tummy was "stinky". It took me forever to get out of her room at bedtime. One of her stall tactics was to tell me she wanted to sleep in my bed (which she's never done, so I don't know why she even thinks it's an option). So I explained to her that it was time for me to go to sleep in MY bed, just like I did every night. And she needed to go to sleep in HER bed.

She asked where Daddy would be sleeping. I told her that he was in a hotel in Charlotte. To which she responded:

"Charlotte? Is he gonna see the pig?"


This morning before school, I opened Ivie's car door and asked her to climb into her car seat while I got Macie buckled in on the other side. Feeling particularly helpful (for some odd reason), Ivie obliged. After I got Mac strapped in, I climbed into the driver's seat and started to turn on the car. At which point Ivie reminded me that I hadn't buckled her in.

I laughed, told her she was right, and proceeded to have the following conversation with her while I buckled her seatbelt.

Me: That was silly of Mommy. Thanks for reminding me, Ivie! We've got to get you strapped in so that you're very safe when we're driving, right?

Ivie: Yes, Mommy, we don't want the policeman to get me!!!

Me: Yes, the policemen want you to wear your seatbelt so that you're safe!

Ivie: I don't want the policeman to get me and throw me in the GARBAGE!

I'm only slightly concerned about her weird fear of garbage cans...

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