Monday, July 13, 2009

Pump It Up!

Saturday was a day of birthday parties for the Herman girls. First stop was Sydney's party at Pump It Up, a popular arena filled with various inflatables. Ivie's been to a couple of parties here before, but this marked the first time that she was able to maneuver ALL of the various bounce houses, including the obstacle course that apparently (or so I've been told, since I've never been in it) has a pretty tall climbing wall at the back that you must master to get to the slide (and avoid having to backtrack your way out). I must say that as Ivie headed into it for the first time on Saturday, I held my breath, thinking that I was probably going to have to go in and save her (as Dale has had to do in the past). But next thing I knew, she was coming down the slide, all smiles.

Macie had a blast, too. If she could talk, she would have said, "What?? A really big room that I can scoot around in and climb up on a bunch of soft things, without sharp edges? Does it get any better than this?!?"

Here's some video of the party.

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