Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ivie's Random Thoughts (#1)

Ivie is always saying/doing things that make Dale and me laugh. Sometimes the stories are long enough to make into blog posts on their own. Sometimes they're not. But I don't want the really short ones to be forgotten! So this will be my outlet for them. I'll combine several together until it's long enough to be a decent post...

The Trash Can
Yesterday, I scooped Macie up and asked her if she wanted to go to the trash can with me (in the garage). As I headed to the door, I said to Ivie, "Hey, Iv, I'm going to take Macie's poopy diaper out to the trash can. I'll be right back."

She glanced up at me and said, "OK, but don't throw Macie in there!"

Ivie apparently still thinks that I accidentally threw my keys in the trash can several weeks ago along with the various wrappers in my hand. At this point, it's a likely explanation. I've almost given up hope that I'll find them...

How To Say Good Morning
Whoever enters Ivie's room first in the morning is required to start her day off with the following phrase, which she learned from Miss Erin at school:

"Wake-y, wake-y, eggs-n-bac-y!!!"

A surefire way to get a smile out of our slow-to-wake-up preschooler!

Ivie's gotten pretty good at staying "in the lines" when she colors. But she's very critical of others (and herself) if the coloring isn't up to par at any time. She's not scared to look at her, or another child's, picture and say that said person's artwork is just "scribble-scrabble". I asked her teacher, Miss Erin, about it, and she said that "So-and-so is scribble-scrabblin" is the most common tattle they have during the day at school. I get the feeling that Ivie is the culprit in many cases...

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