Monday, April 5, 2010

My Movie Monday (#1): Easter Egg Hunt

My Movie Monday @ Traveling Light

A friend of mine, Chrissy, over at Traveling Light, has started a weekly feature she calls "My Movie Monday", wherein she features videos each week of, well, whatever happened the previous week that was worthy of recording!

So, this week, I'm joining her with a video of the girls on their Easter egg hunt at our house yesterday morning... Macie receives the majority of the footage, since she's the one still "learning the ropes" when it comes to egg hunting. Although you can rest assured that Ivie makes a few appearances, as well!


Chrissy said...

Your girls are so cute! :o) Thanks for participating. I finally got mine up, so you can link up, too!

Karyn said...

Cute! Charlotte got the hang of the whole egg hunt thing pretty quickly, too.

This video makes me really jealous of how nice and big a yard you have. We live on a semi-green/mostly brown postage stamp! :)