Thursday, February 4, 2010

Addressing Valentines

Tonight, while the girls were playing downstairs before bed, I took advantage of the spare moments to address Valentine's Day cards for their classmates. Ivie wandered over, curious, so I explained to her what I was doing. She promptly informed me that SHE wanted to write her friends' names on the cards.

Since I was almost finished with her class, I told her that after I finished writing their names, she could follow behind me and do the same. Thankfully, she deemed this a satisfactory plan.

Here are some shots of her handiwork. She didn't do too badly, considering I used lower case letters (which she's not great with yet). Also, not knowing beforehand that my letters would be used as models for her, I used my very best "curvy girly" handwriting, which Ivie had a hard time copying (see the "a" in Samuel as an example of how she tried to put a little tail on the end of the letters!).


Stacy W. said...

so awesome... and kudos to you for letting her write on the nice crispy envelopes. they are just perfect!

Brooke said...

So cute....and I love how the "a" in Grace looks like a heart!!