Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meal-Time Blessings

We currently have two different blessings that we say in our family at meal time. They both come from the girls' school, where, from what I can gather, they have a different blessing for each class. So as the kids get older, their blessings become more "advanced".

Since Ivie and Macie, then, have different blessings, we generally will say both of them prior to eating dinner. For several weeks, I've been wanting to get these blessings on video. Partly to document them for the future when I forget how they "go". But also because of the sincerity and focus with which Macie, in particular, recites her prayer (as I watch her through my barely-cracked eyelids). It warms my heart; I can't get enough of it.

So finally, tonight, I asked the girls if it would be okay for me to video them saying their blessings. They obliged, although it's obvious, particularly with Ivie, that she knew she was "on-stage". But it still will serve its purpose to me here as a reminder of the days when the girls so sweetly thanked God for our many blessings.

I've included two versions of Macie's blessing. The first one is when I asked her to do her blessing by herself. As you'll see, she doesn't quite remember that she's supposed to say each line twice. So, after I recorded Macie solo, I asked Ivie to "help" her through it. Which she did, but, as you'll see, they also managed to confuse each other in the middle. As you parents out there know, nothing is ever quite as chaotic as when you're trying to catch it on video...

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