Tuesday, February 18, 2014

January, 2014 in Pictures

Monday, February 17, 2014

Facebook: January, 2014

January 2 at 4:01p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
One of those rare moments when both are equally enthusiastic and engaged in the storyline they concocted together.  

January 3 at 2:11p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Because bowling shouldn't keep you from striking a pose.  

 January 3 at 6:51p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
"Assuming the position" in eager anticipation of THE TICKLE MONSTER!

January 5 at 9:25p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
For the first night in 8 years, our children's bedrooms are crib-less. Sniff, sniff.  

January 6 at 9:55p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Happened upon this tonight and thought I would share. Because who doesn't love "old" videos of crazy kids?!? 3 1/2 years later, she still loves ketchup. Thankfully, she's a bit more discreet about it these days...  

January 10 at 8:35p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Doctor, doctor...  

January 11 at 10:19a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
I think I have been waiting for this day my whole life. #firstbasketballpractice

January 12 at 1:14p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Learning to change a wet diaper with the child standing (and therefore not requiring said uncooperative child to lie down) might be the most life-changing skill I have learned lately. Thanks for the inspiration, Madison!   

January 12 at 3:30p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
UNC Gymnastics, popcorn, cotton candy, sour worms, and FRIENDS!  

January 14 at 4:28p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
My girls never had a burning desire to play in water puddles. Wish I could say the same of Bryce.  

January 17 at 12:59p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
A little Triple Chocolate Meltdown to start off the long weekend!

January 18 at 6:04p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Fun Sand Art project for the girls during B's nap today. Thanks, JenniferandDouglas Herman!  

January 20 at 10:58a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
A little park time on this sunny holiday!  

January 24 at 8:57a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Dog Ears. #oldschoolstringgames

January 28 at 6:53p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Little Bro #1 in town for business (and pleasure, if you ask us!).  

January 29 at 7:25a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Macie (after seeing the not-even-1-inch of snow covering the ground and hearing that school is canceled): "Ivie! Mommy says we get to PLAY in it today!!!!" Spoken like a truly-snow-deprived youngster from NC.   

January 29 at 9:42a

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
This pretty much sums up our snow experience this morning. Bryce lasted about 4 total minutes. #hedoesntlikeglovesorcoldhands  

January 29 at 2:53p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
Looks like there was a Lalaloopsy play date before nap today.  

January 29 at 4:30p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
changed her profile picture.

January 29 at 5:33p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
It only took us 10 years to get someone to fix our doorbell. Sure is nice to have Mr. Fix-It for a brother.  

January 31 at 4:05p

Amy Schaeperkoetter Herman
After passing a limo, Ivie said, "I'm going to have one of those for my wedding... And my HUSBAND is going to pay for it." I like the sound of that, Dale!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Christmas in Hickory (in Pictures), 2013

Is it bad that today is February 16th and it is the first day since Christmas day that I have downloaded photos off of my camera?!?  Wait, don't answer that...

But today's photo dump means that I finally have pictures of our Christmas celebration in Hickory with our Herman family!

As I sit and type this, I am laughing out loud.  And I'm the only one in the room.  Why, you ask?  Because I can hardly imagine the heat I'm going to take from Emma Jean for the one photo I'm including that she will not be pleased with.  It was one of those times where you catch someone in the act of doing something, and the facial expression you catch with the camera is priceless.  So it would really be a shame to keep it to myself.

So, when you get to it, EJ, just go ahead and giggle.  You know you want to.  :-)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Christmas in Missouri (in Pictures), 2013

Well, since it's already February, it's pretty obvious to me that I won't be writing a long-winded summary of our Christmas travels to Missouri and Hickory.  So I'm going to just do what has become my norm.  A photo dump.

So here was our Christmas in Missouri!  We had so much fun with our extended Schaeperkoetter family!