Sunday, February 14, 2010

Show-and-Tell, Round 43: Valentine Bear

Continuing his trend of purchasing the current Hallmark holiday stuffed animal, Dale brought this cute bear home for the girls a couple of weeks ago. But this one has a new twist. It responds, with several different phrases, when you say, "I love you". It's way too adorable to watch Ivie have a "conversation" with him.

I left early for work on Friday morning, so Dale was responsible for getting the Friday morning Show-and-Tell picture. He did even better... He took 3! And all were really cute, so, well, here you go!


Jenny said...

love that bear! what a great idea...super cute pics too..

Mark Nguyen said...

Conversation? This is why you need a holster for the Flip. :-)

Also, given all the old pics now being posted, you know what would've been neat? If you had taken a picture of Ivie in the (relative) same position every day then you could have done a flipbook entitled Battle of the Genes: Herman vs. Schaeperkoetter and chronicled Ivie "deciding" who she wants to look like, Dale or you. :-)