Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Carols by Ivie

It started off much like a formal recital. Ivie, standing nicely in her pre-determined spot in front of our decorated (though top-heavy with ornaments) Christmas tree, sweetly singing the first of what turned out to be 4 Christmas carols (We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Jingle Bells, and Here Comes Santa Claus).

But this is Ivie Schae Herman we're talking about. The kid that can't concentrate solely on one activity more than about one minute. The one whose head you sometimes have to physically hold still if you want her to look you in the eyes and listen closely to what you're saying.

Part of the way through Rudolph, Macie began pulling the few low-hanging and non-breakable (we hope) ornaments off the tree (initially out of the view of the Flip). Ivie's attention was diverted. Then, Dale's phone rang (how about THAT timing?!?). But, with a little assistance from me to keep on track with the correct song (meaning only one brief foray into Santa Claus is Coming to Town), Ivie finished Rudolph and moved on.

By the end, she was wandering around in circles in front of the Christmas tree, but singing all the while.

My favorite parts of listening to her sing? First, the many times during the songs where she doesn't quite know the actual words. Like in Jingle Bells, for example, where she sings "Old McFaaaarm it is to ride" instead of "Oh what fuuuun it is to ride". Second, her great use of voice inflection. Third, and finally, her disposition to randomly break out into song when you least expect it (as evidenced by her sudden start to Here Comes Santa Claus at the end of this video).

We're really going to get a kick out of showing this to her when she's older... But, for now, we hope you enjoy Ivie's Christmas concert. From our house to yours!


Marcia said...

After another night of Kale having a 104+ fever---I really needed the smile this brought to my face! Thanks Ivie! (and crew)

Joanna said...

Everything about this video is precious. Merry Christmas to all the Hermans!