Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bigger and Better (Waaaaay Better)

You know the marshmallows for dessert trick that Macie's had in her repertoire for several months now? Well, I've got an adaptation to report...

Last night, after dinner, Macie made her way over to the pantry. I figured she was going to bring me the bag of marshmallows with that same expectant look on her face. But, since I happened to be standing close by, she instead made eye contact with me and pointed into the pantry. (Side Note: Macie seems to be a bit slower to talk than Ivie was, maybe because Ivie's such a chatterbox that Mac can't get a word in edgewise, or maybe it's because it's hard to talk with a pacifier in your mouth).

So I got into the pantry, reached toward the marshmallows, and rhetorically asked her if she wanted some. But she shocked me by adamantly shaking her head NO! Huh?!? What's that?!? You don't want these? I had to question her again, because it was the first time she'd turned them down.

But she again shook her head, moving her gaze and outstretched hand/pointer finger up to the next shelf in the pantry.

Guess what she had seen (and now desperately wanted)?

The bin of chocolate-covered raisins.

Ahhhhh, Macie. Learning quickly. I won't soon forget the adorable, ear-to-ear smile that covered her face as she climbed into her little chair and waited for me to put some on her table for dessert.

But, hey, I'll choose to look on the bright side. At least she's getting a (very) small serving of fruit!!!

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