Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Time for Everything

Ivie and Macie, someday when you read this, please use it as an inspiration to believe, truly, that anything is possible.

For the first time in my 33 1/2 years, I was, tonight, called a "great cook". By someone other than a family member. Entirely absent of any direct (or even implied!) coercion.

Now, granted, the compliment came from Jonathan Miller. Whose payroll checks will soon be cut by my husband. And who is, as of this second, the third nicest person I know (and he's in 3rd place solely because I haven't had the pleasure of getting to know him as well as the two currently above him on the list). But still. He said it. And I'll take it. Happily.

Never mind that it was a dish known to "E-Mealz" as Tator Tot Casserole. And it's got hamburger, taco seasoning, and tator tots on its ingredient list (I'm trying to overlook the fact that it also has cream of mushroom soup in it. And I hate mushrooms. Yet I still really liked the dish.) Who couldn't like that concoction?

Anyway, semi-but-not-really-related to this post, is the fact that I'm fairly proud of the way we've "turned around" our family's eating habits. While we still aren't anywhere close to the healthiest of eaters, we've at least improved the origin of our meals. Aside from our Tuesday and Friday night regular dinners out with friends, we're not spending as much time eating out, picking up, or ordering in. I'm actually COOKING. Which is pretty big for me.

But not nearly as big as being called a "great cook" by someone who did NOT have a gun held to his head.

Thanks, Jonathan. You're quickly moving your way up my "nicest people in the world" list...

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Carrie, Greg & Lucas said...

Greg and I are not the healthiest eaters either. I'm so not a cook, but we do like those Bertollis chicken and spinach dinners. Now granted they do come premade frozen, but it's chicken, pasta, and spinach. Doesn't that count as healthy?