Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sharing Food

On the way home from school today, I noticed on Macie's report card that the morning snack was a pop-tart. So I had the following conversation with Ivie:

Me: Ivie, did you have a pop-tart for morning snack at school today, like Macie did?

Ivie: Yes.

Me: So you had a pop-tart at home AND at school today!!! Do you get a whole pop-tart at school or a half pop-tart?

Ivie: Just half. We only get what Miss Erin gives us.

Me: So Miss Erin always gives you half of a pop-tart at snack? Do you know who you shared one with today?

Ivie (raising her eyebrows and contorting her face into the most stern, disapproving look possible): Mom. We can't share food at school! If somebody's sick, then everybody else will get sick, too! Mommy, YOU KNOW BETTER.

Well then. So much for making conversation. I'm glad she didn't take this theory and apply it to the lollipop that I made her share with Macie for their dessert after dinner tonight!


Sarah and Tony said...

That CRACKS ME UP!!!! Suckers, drinks....the list could go on and on. Glad I'm not the only bad mommy who should "know better".

Kaitlin said...

Sounds like a good teacher is really getting the rules across! How cute!