Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chuck E. Cheese's

Last weekend, during our visit to Grandma's in Hickory, we had the pleasure of celebrating the birthdays of 3 sweet kiddos, Ian (who turned 3), and his twin one year-old siblings, Aiden and Isabel, who are the darling grandchildren of Grandma's best friend, Nancy (whom Ivie calls "Lancey", for some reason).

Ian (who had a blast with all the games!)

Sweet Isabel

Aiden (who was NOT a fan of the birthday crown)

This was Ivie's 2nd trip to a Chuck E. Cheese's, as I had taken her there, pre-Macie, to get out of the house one random Saturday when Dale was out of town for work. Then, though, she was too young to fully enjoy the entertainment. NOT THIS TIME.

For the most part, Ivie was okay with Macie tagging along. Like on the ride below, where they shared the seat and watched themselves "on television".

Otherwise, though, the girls gravitated to different sections of the play area. Macie to the toddler section, and Ivie to the "big-girl" games. Although you will catch a glimpse of Ivie sneaking a quick ride on the toddler slide... You're never to old to go for a slide ride, right?!?

Thanks for inviting us to help celebrate your big day, Simmons clan!

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