Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mistaken Identity

After letting either Dale (usually) or me (when Dale's gone) leave her room at bedtime, Ivie has a habit of playing in her bed a bit before falling asleep. And, sometimes, that play time results in her needing something that she doesn't have in her room. While we're pleased that she knows that she can't get out of her room to get it herself, it means that she will, instead, call out to us, over and over, until we go back and ask her what she needs.

This happened last night, with her calling out for Dale. The conversation went something like this, though I admit that parts of this reenactment aren't verbatim, as I was listening to it on the monitor downstairs. Not to mention that it happened 14 hours ago and my memory stinks:

First few back-and-forth statement muffled, and I wasn't really paying attention anyway.

Dale (after returning from an apparently futile search in our bedroom): Ivie, there wasn't anything in the baby bed in my room.

: But that's where Little Mousey was last night!

: Well, he's not there now. I just looked.

Ivie (getting increasingly upset)
: But I want Little Mousey!!!!

: IVIE. I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what you're talking about. Who is "Little Mousey"? What does he look like?!?

(A little background necessary here... "Little Mousey" is a stuffed animal that Macie received from Nina and Papa her first Christmas, so he's been around quite a while (like 15 months). And he's been in our bonus room, with his accompanying playmat, since Macie outgrew said mat. It's only been this past week, though, when Dale was out of town, that Ivie dubbed him "Little Mousey" and began playing regularly with him. Hence, Dale's confusion.)

At this point, I got off the couch and headed upstairs to help, knowing that "Little Mousey" had to be either in our room or the bonus room. I found him in the bonus room and turned to walk him to Ivie's room to "save" Dale. I met Dale in the hallway, as he was on his way to "look again".

I laughed, and handed Little Mousey over.

Me: Meet "Little Mousey".

Dale: So she was talking about the kangaroo, huh?

: Nope, it's not a kangaroo. It's a mouse.

Dale: Oh.

I laughed all the way back down the stairs.

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