Friday, March 26, 2010

Show-and-Tell, Round 47: "Patch"

Ivie will occasionally go through Macie's stuffed animals that sit in a basket under her changing table and check out her collection. And then she will decide which of them she likes enough to take over temporary (until Mac is old enough to care and fight back) ownership and move them into her room for royal seating on the shelves of her headboard.

Such is the case with this week's Show-and-Tell. I'm calling him "Patch" (because of the, you guessed it, patch on his left eye). I was forced to come up with a lame name only because he was nameless until this morning when we were getting ready for school, and, when I asked Ivie what she wanted his/her name to be, she responded with "Amy". While I'm flattered that she wanted to name one of her current favorite stuffed animals after me, and even more excited that she actually came up with a REAL name (instead of the ones she generally comes up with that don't make sense and are so phonetically strange that even a grown-up can't immediately repeat the name back to her, much less remember it 2 minutes later), I do believe there is enough "Amy" floating around this house as-is.

So I told her his name would be "Patch". She argued, and put forth an alternate suggestion. "Daddy." When that didn't fly? "Macie."

Then, when I tried to explain to her that we already had PEOPLE with those names living in our house, and didn't need stuffed animals with the same names (lest everyone get confused), she reverted to her typical naming process described above. And said something like "Skeeter". But it wasn't exactly that. Like I said, it was something that I had no chance to remember 20 seconds after she said it. Nor could she repeat it when I asked her to.

So, meet "Patch".

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