Sunday, October 4, 2009


I thought it was a fluke the first time. After the girls had finished their lunch today, I was sitting at the kitchen table eating my own lunch, and I felt something tapping me on the back. When I turned around, Macie was standing there, holding the small plastic container of marshmallows that I keep in the pantry (to add to the diaper bag when we're out-and-about and need to have snacks packed for the girls).

I've mentioned before how much Macie enjoys marshmallows. So I just laughed today, thinking that she must have just been playing in the pantry (which is typical for both girls), happened upon the container, and randomly came over to visit me with it in her hand. There was no way that she was actually trying to tell me that she wanted marshmallows, right? Even when I laughed and said, "Mac, do you want some marshmallows?" and she very clearly nodded her head (a new skill she's developing these days). Even then, it had to be a fluke.

So after dinner tonight, I was sitting at the table checking email. Ivie was watching television (Dora at 7p!) and Mac was wandering around as usual. Next thing I knew, I felt the now-familiar tapping on my leg. I looked down, and, you guessed it. Macie had the marshmallow container back in hand, and she had an expectant look on her face.

Guess it's NOT a fluke. She's growing up, and learning where the dessert is kept. SMART GIRL.

And, as I literally get ready to hit "Publish Post" on my laptop for this story, she walks up to me with the container of "lil' crunchies" in her hand and taps it on my leg. I about fall off my seat laughing. The marshmallows were gone, so she had to move on to something else. NICE, Macie.

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