Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Basket Treats

Early last week, my friend, Brooke, sent me the link to the cute Easter treat she was planning to make for Emerson's class. And it reminded me that I hadn't yet found anything to make for Ivie's class, whose party was, at the time, about 9 days away...

So a quick internet search for "easy Easter treat" brought me to these, and I knew I had a winner! Jelly beans, ice cream cones, and Twizzlers. How can you go wrong with those ingredients?

On Saturday morning, during Macie's nap, Ivie and I set to work. Her job was to sort the jelly beans, while I handled the careful cutting of the hole in the side of the cones and the insertion of the basket "handles".

After a couple of jelly beans rolled off the table during the sorting process, Ivie learned quickly that if they fell, they were deemed unusable and had to be eaten. The rate at which they "unintentionally" slipped through her fingers onto the ground increased exponentially... (Smart kiddo.) At least I made her share them with me. (Smart mommy, too.)

Here are some photos of the preparation.

Then we carefully filled the cones (and both got annoyed when we inadvertently knocked one over, "spilling the beans" all over the table). I must say that while I was originally bummed that I couldn't find pink ice cream cones and green licorice at such late notice (T-minus 5 days), I ultimately like the colorfulness (is that a word?!?) of our finished product more than that of the example. I also experimented with the length of the basket handle and determined eventually that the shorter ones tended to hold their position better in terms of not drooping to the side. Not sure how the lady on delish.com did it with her long handles. Maybe she let her licorice "dry out" until it was stale? Or maybe it was just a different, stiffer, brand? I don't know. And I'm pretty sure none of you care about the direction in which this paragraph has veered, anyway. Moving on...

So, here we are! All set for the party at school on Thursday. Hope the kids like their "Easter baskets"!


sjunk78 said...

Love it! What a great idea, and they look awesome!

Trish said...

You have the cutest "treat" ideas!

Anonymous said...

very cute!!! neat idea !
heather wilson