Friday, March 5, 2010

Tooth #15

Wednesday, Macie's 15th tooth made its first appearance. Or I should say that this was the day I noticed it. You know, this happened to me with Ivie, too. As the girls get older, I start paying less and less attention to certain milestones, such as the arrival of baby teeth. I'm not sure why... Maybe it's because the new teeth are the ones that are hidden in the back of the mouth? Not really noticeable? Or maybe it's because I'm not stupid enough to stick my finger in there to "look" for newbies, lest I get bitten by a few of the OTHER 14 already-present,-really-sharp,-and-humongous-(thank-you-Alfermann-genes)-teeth in the kid's mouth?

Yes, that's probably why.

Anyway, I've marked down 3/3/2010 for Macie's 15th tooth, the lower left cuspid, right on track for the 16-18 months the chart lists for "normal".

And I'm sorry I don't have an actual kid picture to share with you this time. Sorry, Stac. The camera hasn't left the dining room table in a while, sadly...

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