Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You've GOT to be Kidding Me

So after my post yesterday about jasmere.com, at least one of my readers (and there are only, like, 10 of you, so that's a fairly high percentage!) went to jasmere and signed on as a Facebook fan of theirs. Who wouldn't, right?!?

But the specific reader I'm referencing is none other than Marcia George Fletcher, freshman year college roommate of mine, wonderful long-distance friend (she lives with her husband and adorable little boy, Kale, in Arkansas), and the inspiration behind me even starting a blog in the first place.

For those of you that don't read the comments on my blog, here's what Marcia had to say after reading my post:

I am ROFLMBO* , but not at the idea of you being a winner or the fact that you won shapewear. It's the idea of you going out to purchase tight clothing that has me sitting here with tears rolling down my cheek while my co-workers try to figure out whether to offer me assistance or just let me be! The idea of you trying to shop for tight fitting clothing is enough to get me going, but the idea of you saying "excuse me, I got this GREAT shapewear free, so now I need an outfit to go with it" that has me rolling!

*"rolling-on-the-floor-laughing-my-butt-off", for those of you that don't understand this sort of 21st century shorthand.

(And that's just a small taste of how funny she is. Check her blog out here.)

Anyway, and I'm sure you're not going to believe it, because I didn't at first when I got her email, either, but GUESS WHO WAS THE JASMERE RANDOM DRAWING WINNER TODAY?!?

jasmere: Woo hoo! Marcia George Fletcher, you are today's winner. $40 of deluxe personalized stationery, etc., from WriteAway.com. Visit jasmere.com/congrats to contact us and claim your prize. Congratulations, Marcia! We'll announce another winner this time tomorrow...

I can't make this stuff up, folks.


Brooke said...

I knew I recognized her name from somewhere....you gals are good luck!!

Marcia said...

I'm funny? Really? Huh, well how about that! But yeah, leave it to us to win back to back....I am still laughing at your previous post and about winning!

Karyn said...

I'm totally becoming a fan now!