Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow White, Jr.

Macie's not really old enough to get into "playing dress-up" yet, right? Really, Ivie has only gotten into it heavily in the last six months, so I figured I'd have at least another year before they'd be fighting over the princess dresses.

After tonight, I'm afraid I'm wrong...

Post-dinner, as Ivie and Emerson were prancing around in their Ariel and Snow White dresses, Macie walked up to me and tapped me on the leg. In her hand? A Snow White skirt from the dress-up basket. I took it out of her hand, and she promptly lifted her leg, so as to tell me that she wanted it on. So I played along, put it on her, and decided I might as well finish off her outfit by putting on the top, too.

Oh, how thrilled she was to be playing right along with her sister and her "might-as-well-be-her-sister".

All while happily sucking on her paci.

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