Sunday, January 24, 2010

Teeth # 10, 11, and 12

Bob (our soon-to-be-full-fledged-pediatric-dentist friend) wasn't joking when he told Dale that Macie had "4 or 5 teeth" ready to break through very soon...

I can't say for sure that all 3 of the newbies popped through yesterday, but that's when I first noticed them, so they're all going in the baby book/blog as 1.23.10! Upper and lower right cuspids and upper right first molar.

Don't worry, I've already started teaching her to chew her Starburst on the side with the molars. And I hope her speediness with cutting teeth on the right side doesn't mean anything in terms of handedness - I'm still holding out hope that she'll be my lefty...

Macie's response when I asked her to "Say Ahhhh and show everyone your teeth!".

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