Sunday, January 24, 2010


Yesterday morning was our first trip to Kidzu in Chapel Hill! What a cute little place for kids to run around and play. It's like a dream bonus room, totally kid-proof and full of lots of fun toys. And it's on Franklin Street, which gave us the perfect excuse to eat lunch at Firehouse Subs, just a block or so down the street. Ivie loves the fireman hats, which was the deciding factor as to why she chose a turkey sandwich at Firehouse over a hot dog at Sutton's. It also helped us avoid a little bit of grease, since we knew we were headed to Armadillo Grill (Dale's favorite wing spot) for dinner before taking in a high school girls basketball game (GO, NORTHWOOD!).

OK, what was the purpose of this post? That's right. Kidzu. Back to it. I'll let the pictures do the talking, but Macie's nap yesterday was 2.5 hours long (unheard of, since she usually doesn't sleep more than an hour), so I think Kidzu did its job of entertaining and wearing her out!

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