Monday, January 18, 2010

Chef Mickey's

Stressful start. Photo-packed. Belly-filling.

Friday morning, we had reservations at 8:40a for breakfast with Chef Mickey at Disney's Contemporary Resort. This was our one-and-only "character meal" for the trip, so we were prepared to take full advantage by taking plenty of pictures and filling our bellies with yummy breakfast foods. Since our condo was only, at most, 20 minutes from The Contemporary, we left at 8a in order to have plenty of time to make our reservation.

Too bad the signage to get us there wasn't as specific as it turned out we needed... After staying in the left lane, as instructed by the one sign that actually referenced The Contemporary, we drove, and drove, and drove, until we had made it all the way to Downtown Disney. Being the stress ball I am, I was harassing Dale constantly to find directions on the fancy GPS app on his Droid. By the time he got annoyed enough to actually try, it was 8:30a and we discovered that we were 15 minutes away - we'd passed it. Brooke and I, in separate cars, placed frantic phone calls to Chef Mickey's and were told that they'd hold the reservation for 20 minutes. Only one wrong turn later (which cost us another 5 minutes in U-turns), we made it safely to the resort and up to Chef Mickey's on the 4th floor by 8:55a... Deep breaths were had by all, particularly the Devers, since they had both chatty and sing-song'y girls in their car during the chaos.

Once we were seated, thoughts of the craziness disappeared and we were quickly able to begin enjoying the various visits to our table by Chef Mickey and his partners-in-food-service-crime Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto. All were, of course, happy to pose for photos with the girls.

By the time we left, around 10:30a, all bellies were full of scrambled eggs, grapes, bacon, tator tots, pancakes, and, of course, Mickey-shaped waffles!

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