Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tooth #13 (and Popsicles)

Macie's teeth are out of control right now. Her newest addition is her lower left first molar. With 5 new teeth in the past 11 days, even I am tiring of the tooth chart. I mean, I haven't even been able to snap a normal picture of her since the last tooth blog to include in this post for you! So I'll do the next best thing and go back to a couple of pictures that I took early in January, when we, for the first time, tried out our new popsicle maker. You'll note that Macie's popsicle that first evening spans the entire length of the stick. I learned my lesson quickly. Her popsicles now cover only the very tip of it. More of a handle for her to grip, less mess for me to clean up afterward when it melts and drips everywhere because she doesn't eat it fast enough. Win-win.

It certainly makes her happy, though, can't you tell? So I won't be complaining anytime soon about the clean-up. I'm a sucker for just about anything that elicits her adorable grin...

And since I'm showing Mac with the popsicle, I'll throw in one of Iv, too. And one of them practicing "sharing". (Yes, I am aware that Ivie is shirtless again. It was right before bathtime. I know I sound like a broken record.)

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