Friday, January 22, 2010

"When I Get Big..."

Last night, Ivie had some separation issues at bedtime. While Dale handled the initial reading-books-and-holding-hands session with her, I put Macie to bed and took a quick shower. As I shut off the water and got out, I heard Ivie saying, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" non-stop in the monitor.

Our typical response to this is for Dale to return to Ivie's room, since my entering her room would result in essentially having to redo the entire bedtime process. So, after I'd dressed, I poked my head into Dale's office and asked him if he heard Ivie calling for me.

He said that he did, but that he'd already been back in there 5 times (maybe a slight exaggeration, given that my shower wasn't any longer than 10 minutes, max!) and that he'd told her he wasn't coming back. So it was "my call" as to whether I was going to give in and check on her.

Being the softy that I am (and not wanting her voice to escalate and wake up Mac!), I gave in. As I entered her room, she immediately asked me to "hold her hand". I obliged, telling her I would for "one minute". We eventually negotiated to 2 minutes (since it really doesn't matter, as she has no real concept of time yet), and she settled in and closed her eyes.

Seconds later, she opened them up and asked me if I would "tie Puppy and Bunny's ears". Puppy and Bunny are, as you can guess, her stuffed dog and rabbit loveys (with names that match my creativity level, since I named them before Ivie could talk). For some reason, Ivie's enthralled these days with Dale tying their ears into knots.

As I was tying, Ivie looked at me, entirely serious, and said, "Mommy, when I get big, will you teach me how to tie and take a shower?"

Isn't it funny how a statement that simple can send a (deliriously tired after a long day at work) mom into deep thoughts about just how significant, substantial, and weighty the role of parenthood is?!?

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Sarah and Tony said...

Funny, but true. Sometimes it's just a matter of slowing down enough to actually HEAR what they're saying to you (or being deliriously tired and having a slower reaction time). Either way, weighty sums it up pretty well!