Friday, October 9, 2009

Ivie's Random Thoughts (#2)

Zac Brown Band
As you know, Ivie loves "Chicken Fried". And she also recognizes the Zac Brown Band sound, because, prior to this week, every time "Whatever It Is" (LOVE THAT SONG!) came on the radio, she's asked, "Is this Chicken Fried, Mommy?", to which I try to explain to her that it's a different song by the same band.

I think she's gotten it. Monday, when "Whatever It Is" came on, Ivie said, "Mommy, is this the same guy?".

Waiting and Waiting
We've been talking for a couple of weeks about going to get pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. So far, Ivie's been very patient, but it's certainly been at the forefront of her mind.

Wednesday morning, on the way to school, Ivie lamented, "Mommy, I'm T-I-R-E-D." When I asked her why she was tired (as she'd gotten a full 11.5 hours of sleep the previous night), she responded, "I'm tired cuz I've been waiting and waiting to go to the pumpkin patch!".

It must be keeping her awake at night.

P.S. I wrote these two posts on Wednesday morning and was waiting for another "random thought" to add before publishing. But now that the week is almost over and I don't have another one, I'm going to go ahead and post. Mostly because we went on Wednesday evening to the first, of hopefully two, pumpkin patches for the year, so the "Waiting and Waiting" story above is "old news" - Ivie's had a great night's sleep the last two nights now that her pumpkins are on the front porch!

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Tammy said...

Maddox loves "Chicken Fried" too. The worst part is the phrase he remembers the most is "cold beer on a Friday night". He tends to sing this phrase loudly out in public :0).