Saturday, October 3, 2009

Show-and-Tell, Round 35: Soccer Ball

I obviously didn't learn my lesson from Ivie's less-than-stellar t-ball experience this summer, since I signed her up for soccer this fall! And probably none of you will be surprised that, through the 2 practices and first game, she participates in soccer about as much as she did in t-ball. She doesn't often remember that she's not supposed to use her hands, preferring to just bend over and pick up the ball if someone is threatening to get it away from her. And you have to physically pick her up and bring her back to the field after water break, or she'll just stay by the water cooler and help herself to unlimited refills in her sno-cone cup.

In an attempt to encourage participation and give her something with which to practice, Dale made a Target run to pick up a PINK soccer ball. She loves it, and it went to Show-and-Tell with her yesterday.

This morning at her first game, she showed a few signs of enjoyment. And even managed to take a few uninterrupted "dribbles" (that sounds funny to my basketball mind) during the game before kicking the ball too far and into the awaiting feet of the other kids.

So we'll see how this soccer thing works out. To let you in on a secret, Dale and I won't be disappointed if she ends up not being a big fan. I'm personally counting down the year(s) until she's old enough to play in the basketball leagues...

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