Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dr. Severt's Halloween Party (2009)

Friday night, one of Dale's Chapel Hill orthodontists, Dr. Tammy Severt, hosted her annual Halloween Party for her patients. Isn't that a great idea for an orthodontist, since typically their patients are tweens/teens that love to have another opportunity to show off their costumes?

I believe we've taken Ivie to this party each year, which would make this Halloween #4. This year, though, Dale was out of town at a Damon seminar in Atlanta, so I ventured to the party alone with the girls. We each had a slice of pizza and some chips, and I managed to refrain from raiding the cookies, brownies, and candy until right before we left. The balloon man made his yearly appearance, which thrilled Ivie (who stood in line for a "pink kitty cat"). There was also very sweet middle schooler there (her name was Amanda) that latched onto the girls and entertained them by showing them how to dance through the dj's light show and attempting (unsuccessfully) to help Ivie hula hoop.

Since it was Friday, after a long week at school for the Mac-ster (who still needs 2 naps a day but only gets 1 at school in the big-girl class), I was not optimistic that we would make it long. But Mac toughed it out, with her only meltdown occurring when we had to take away the balloon that she had been playing with that didn't belong to her. Before I could blink, it was 7:30p and time to head home.

The party whetted Ivie's appetite for all things Halloween by, oh, about 8 gazillion percent. She doesn't yet really understand the concept of "a week", but she's not at all thrilled that she has to go to school for 5 days before it's going to be time to don her Dorothy costume again and take Toto out for some trick-or-treating!

Thanks for letting us come to your great party, Dr. Severt!

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