Sunday, October 18, 2009

Role Reversal

Ivie's been a bit resistant at bedtime lately. And since Dale generally puts Ivie to bed (though we've talked recently about alternating nights, now that Macie's on a bottle), he struggles nightly through the brunt of her stash of delay tactics.

Sometimes in the mornings when she wakes up and he goes into her room, he will play "role reversal" with her and they will reenact the previous night's escapades. Such was the case this morning...

Dale (lying on Ivie's bed next to her): Waaaaahhh! I don't wanna go nigh-night! Waaaaaahhh!

Ivie (reassuringly): It's okay, Sweetheart!

Dale: I want some waaaaater!

Ivie (after handing Dale the sippy cup): It's time to go to sleep. I'm going to leave now.

Dale (after pretend-drinking): Nooooooo! Don't leave, Daddy! (Proceeds to flail his arms and legs and kick off his blanket)

Ivie: I'll hold your hand for ONE MINUTE.

Dale (beginning negotiations): No, FIVE minutes!

Ivie: One minute, Ivie. And then I have to go to bed. I'm tired.

(Pause for about 30 seconds of hand-holding...)

Ivie: Good night, Sweetheart.

Dale: Noooooo, Daddy! I didn't say "I love you."

(Followed by more of the same)

I can assure you that this is much funnier in the role reversal game than it is in reality. And the most frustrating part is that Dale and I are clearly being "taken" by a 3.5 year-old.

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Stacy W. said...

she knows what she is doing...poor Dale, he doesn't stand a chance she's too good!