Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ganyard Hill Farm

What a beautiful day for a pumpkin patch! We headed out to Ganyard Hill Farm for the second year in a row, again with the Dever family. Ivie loved the slide, the "corn crib", feeding the moo cows, and, most importantly, the face painting! Macie enjoyed playing with the pumpkins and stealing a ride through the corn maze on Mommy and Daddy's shoulders.

But the pictures will tell the story better than I ever could in words. So I'll share several with you, starting with a few of my very favorites, and followed by a collage (or four) of the rest (which were all too good to choose between!).

There's really not much better than a brisk fall day filled with friends, pumpkins, slides, mazes, and the sweet sound of my girls' laughter.

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Trish said...

Our pumpkin patch weather was so different! :)