Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Eyes ARE Closed...!

Macie's entrance into the world has caused a change in our nightly routine. Pre-Macie, it was always me that read books to Ivie before bed. Then Ivie would throw (literally) her books up into her bed, one-by-one, counting them as she went, and crawl into bed after them. After a couple minutes of Mommy tucking her in, giving her a kiss, and saying goodnight, Ivie would say, "I wanna say nigh-night to my DADDY!". This worked well, as it gave me a fairly quick escape route from the room, and it always seemed as though Ivie didn't make Daddy linger in her room quite as long. So we all were happy!

Now that Macie's here, though, I'm generally always feeding her and putting her to bed when Ivie is ready for books. So we have shifted to Daddy being the book-reader, snuggler, and tucker-inner (which, by the way, is very sad for Mommy!). But then, if it works out, I will make a last-minute appearance to say goodnight and have a couple minutes of Ivie-time for myself.

Regardless, whoever is last in the room, whether it be me or Dale, always hears the "Mommy (or Daddy), hold my haaaaand..." request. When this falls to me, I always close my eyes while holding her hand and pretend to fall asleep, hoping that she'll "get the picture" and close her eyes, too.

Now you all know how you close your eyes but keep one barely open so you can see what's going on, but your eyes appear closed. Parents have this skill mastered. Well, apparently, Ivie has caught onto my trick. Tonight, as I was "watching" her out of the slit in my right eye (By the way, isn't it also funny how it seems like it's easier to do this trick with one eye than it is with the other? With me, it's the right eye that has perfected it...), I saw that Ivie was trying to do the same thing. But the funny thing about this was that she has not quite figured it out. Each time she tried to pretend to have her eyes closed and peek out at me, her eyes turned into a cute little squint and her face scrunched up at her cheeks. She did this about 5 times during the 3 minutes that I held her hand before leaving her room.

So the moral of this story is that Ivie's got some work to do before she becomes a parent. Thankfully, she's got years to practice....

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Stacy W. said...

Too cute...if I were you though, I would consider sneaking in a cat nap. :)