Thursday, October 16, 2008

Big Head

Today is picture day at school for Ivie. As we got her dressed this morning, I pulled out (for the first time) a long-sleeved shirt brimming with fall-colored flowers, along with a pair of khaki corduroy pants and her new sneakers (purchased 2 days ago so we would have shoes for the pictures!). Now, clearly, it's too warm for corduroy and long-sleeves (high of 87 here today!), and maybe Ivie was sensing that when I pulled them out of the closet and tried, in my most encouraging voice, to get her excited about wearing them for pictures.

It didn't work. She immediately said, "I don't want to!" when I tried to coax her into helping us put them on. So then Daddy tried another universal parenting trick. He said, "Fine! I'm going to wear it then!", and feigned putting the shirt over his head. Now, obviously, it didn't fit, but he persisted with the joke and turned to walk out of the door, saying, "Okay, I'M wearing your shirt to school! Bye-bye!".

Ivie responded in predictable toddler fashion... She said, "No, it's MINE!!!". The trick worked! Dale turned around and walked back to the bed, where we were getting Ivie dressed, but he still had the shirt pulled partly onto his head, covering his face.

Seeing the obvious size discrepancy between the hole in the shirt and her daddy's head, Ivie looked at him, laughed, and said matter-of-factly, "You have a big head, Daddy!".

Now this may or may not be funny to you. For those of you that know Dale, it probably roused a chuckle. Dale, admittedly, has a rather large noggin. In fact, he has an ongoing debate going with one of his best friends about who has the bigger head. I don't know Dale's hat size (Being female, I don't pay much attention to those types of measurements, much like those of guys' dress shirts), but I can tell you that it's bigger than normal. And he's seriously concerned that his "big head" will be passed down to his daughters. When Ivie was first born, and throughout her first 2 years of doctor's appointments, each time the nurse would measure her head circumference and tell us the number of centimeters, he would, with a concerned look on his face, say, "Is that normal?". Quite amusing.

So, anyway, mark this down as the day that Ivie concurred with public opinion that her daddy has a big head!

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Stacy W. said...

hahaha I am sure she was just as cute as can be when she said it. Can't wait to see the school picture especially now because i know the story behind it!
Hope you enjoy another fall weekend!