Monday, October 20, 2008

Mrs. Potato Head

Halloween is in the air! Yesterday, we took yet another trip to a pumpkin patch, Ganyard Hill Farm, which is a bit more elaborate than the one in the parking lot by McDonald's! There was a slide amidst the hay, goats (at which Ivie continually yelled "GOAT!" to get their attention, but then got scared and ran from them - even though they were behind a fence!), a hay maze, a hay ride, and, of course, more pumpkins...

After returning home with 3 pumpkins to add to our collection on the porch (we each got one as part of the admission price at the pumpkin patch), Ivie and Daddy set to work on Ivie's recent and very cool gift from the Campbell family. A Mrs. Potato Head pumpkin face! I've included a pic below of the final result. Mrs. Potato Head now sits happily on the front porch with the other 6 pumpkins, ready for Halloween!

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