Friday, October 3, 2008

Macie Update... And Crocs...

Been awhile since I've posted - we've had a rough couple of nights at the Herman house, so I've spent my free time during the day taking naps!

But last night was an improvement. Macie ate at 7:30 pm and went straight to bed. Didn't awaken until 11:30 pm (4 hours!), and then slept again until 3:30 am. I spent some extra time with her after that feeding trying to get the bubbles out (my self-diagnosed reason for the "grunting" that had kept us awake the previous 8 million nights (or 21, since that's the number of nights we've been home from the hospital!). Finally, at 4:45 am, she was back to sleep. And slept peacefully until around 5:30 am, when the grunting began again... Thankfully, I was able to sleep through MOST of the grunting and didn't awaken until 6:30 am when Mac was hungry again. So, not too bad...

Macie seems to be struggling with air bubbles through the day, too. We're trying Mylicon drops, but not sure if it's really working or not. We spend a lot of time with her over my shoulder in the burping position! I don't like this position for burping, generally, because who knows where the spit will fly! But she burps best this way, so I've quickly gotten over my disdain for it!

All that being said, Macie gets cuter every day. And I can tell that she's starting to be able to focus on my face, which is nice when I'm trying to get her to stop screaming! We've also moved her to her crib (Tuesday, 9/30, was the first night), so she's officially sleeping in her own room. Which we hope will last through her toddler years!

OK, a quick Ivie story before I sign off and head out for our morning walk. Last night, it was bathtime, and Dale told Ivie to turn off her television and take her shoes off (we leave them downstairs at night time). Ivie was in a particularly cooperative mood, so she promptly turned off the television and sat down on the floor to take off her Crocs. As she did so, she saw Daddy's Crocs sitting on the floor on the other side of the kitchen. So, after taking hers off, she stood up, picked them up, and spent a couple of extra seconds to line her Crocs up next to her daddy's. You could tell she was focusing on making sure they were precisely lined up. I've included a picture of this, just because it really made Dale and me laugh. Too cute. She's 2 1/2, and already trying to be just like her daddy. (Try to ignore the fact that she put them backward. She is, of course, only 2 1/2!)

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