Friday, October 24, 2008

Dr. Severt's Halloween Party

Dr. Severt, one of Dale's orthodontists, has a yearly Halloween Party for her clients. So this was Ivie's first opportunity to show off her Raggedy Ann costume. Though she was tentative about putting the hat/wig on, I finally convinced her by telling her that if she didn't wear it, Macie was going to... I think that threat is going to work for awhile, since s-h-a-r-i-n-g is not yet one of Ivie's favorite words.

We took a few pics before heading to the party, so we'll give you a sneak preview of Ivie's costume. And one that includes Macie in her Pumpkin onesie. No costume for her tonight, though we do have one, a cat, that we'll don on Halloween, at least to take a few pictures!

The party itself was fun... Pizza, cheese doodles, and sugar cookies for everyone! Along with a few kids that were a bit "scary" to Ivie (so she steered clear of them!). She even took a shot with the Hula Hoop, but learned she's got some work to do to master that skill.

Can't wait for this weekend for more Halloween fun!

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