Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bribes and First Bottles

I'm sure you're all wondering where I've been! Or maybe you've welcomed the break from the incessant Amy blogs... Either way (and you don't have to tell me what category you fall into), you can rest easy that we're back at home as of today around 11 am. We went to Hickory for a few days, as Dale had to make a work trip to Asheville, and he wasn't ready yet to leave me at home for 3 days with both girls. I say HE wasn't ready. I'm not certain I am, either, though I'll get my first shot at it tomorrow (Sunday) night, as Dale heads to Pinehurst for an overnight golf outing. (Go ahead, Mom and Dad, call Dale to give him a hard time about that - I have to rely on the 2 of you, as I know the other guys in the fam will applaud Dale for skirting out of town on a golf trip with a toddler and a 1-month old at home!) Ha!

Anyway, we're back from Hickory, and are very thankful to Grandma and Dad for helping with Ivie and Macie. Grandma says that Macie will be "sore", as Grandma spoiled her and held her most of the time we were there!

Upon our arrival back in Chapel Hill, Dale and Ivie headed to Tar Heel Town before the Notre Dame football game. The plan (because you know with me there always is one!) was for me to pick Ivie up around 2:30 pm'ish and get her home for a late nap after enjoying the jump-house and junk food.

Remembering my ride home from the game last weekend (see earlier post for THAT story if you haven't read it yet!), I headed to pick up Ivie fully prepared for the screaming of "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" all the way home. But this time I had ammunition to fight it off. S-K-I-T-T-L-E-S! Ivie loves candy, and I'm sure you all know she comes by that honestly... So as soon as Dale got her in the car seat, I promptly handed her a few Skittles to keep her occupied as Dale walked away from the car. Six Skittles later (thank goodness it takes her awhile to eat them!), we were home, without a single cry or scream from the backseat (Macie, of course, was sleeping).

Ivie went down easily for her nap (that's what happens when it starts at 3 pm instead of the typical 1 pm!). I then decided that today would be a good day for another Macie milestone. Her first bottle (and the start of regular pumping sessions for me)! To date, Macie's been exclusively breastfed, and I'm determined not to make the same mistake I made with Ivie - waiting too long to introduce a bottle. I remember Ivie's first day of "school", when I went through the entire day hoping like crazy that she would take a bottle for Miss Linda and Miss Marie (as she would refuse a bottle from anyone other than me at home).

It was not a seamless transition... Sucking on a bottle is a different skill, and one that will take some practice. By the end of the 2 ounces in the bottle, Macie started gagging on the nipple (her way of telling me that she wasn't a fan!). So we went back to nursing to finish off the feeding. At least now I know that she probably gets around 3 ounces per nursing session - a question with which every nursing mom struggles!

Back to Ivie for a minute. The good news about the late nap (she didn't wake up until 5:45 pm) is that she will be able to stay awake until her daddy gets home after the football game. So my nightmare of putting both girls to bed will wait until tomorrow night...!

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